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5 Inspiring Garden Designers in Sydney

By Pillinger

We believe that gardens are a natural extension of the home, and should therefore be given the same amount of thought and consideration as the interiors. A great garden should reflect the beauty of your home and create a tranquil and inviting environment where people want to spend the day at leisure. A successful landscape designer has the vision to create inspiring outdoor spaces no matter whether you have small suburban block or sprawling estate.

As prestige real estate agents, we have had the privilege of seeing many superbly landscaped gardens that have been created with creativity and passion. We decided, therefore to compile a list, in no particular order, of some of the most influential and visionary landscape gardeners in Sydney.

Paul Bangay

Paul Bangay is internationally renowned. He has been at the forefront of garden design for the past 25 years and yet remains personally involved with all his projects. His signature style is highly sought-after.


William Dangar

William Dangar is one of Australia’s leading landscape designers with a career spanning over two decades and over 1,000 garden designs. He has had many high profile clients including Kate Blanchett. Her Hunters Hill garden is featured above. William has been featured in numerous magazine’s and books, most recently publishing his own book ‘Garden’ that pays tribute to his work.



Parterre are famous for their landscape design especially their use of topiary, box hedging, planters and fountains to form symmetry and balance within the garden. Their gardens are iconic and they handle projects of any size including courtyard gardens.



Secret Gardens

Matthew Cantwell founded Secret Gardens in 1994 and has become synonymous with luxury garden design in Sydney. With a team of 60+ Secret Gardens can handle big projects  and will consider every detail including the acoustics in your garden.


Good Manors

Good Manors have a knack of designing gardens that compliment the home’s era or style, creating relevant and harmonious living space that connects from the inside out.

All of the above designers will take you from initial consultation through design, planning, construction and maintenance. If you’re considering a garden renovation for your luxury home, one of these 5 designers would be an excellent choice.


Brad Pillinger