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5 Luxury Swimming Pool Trends for 2018

By Pillinger

Summer is well and truly here. If you’re looking to put in a pool in 2018 here are the latest design trends that will give you that luxury edge.


1 . Darker pool colours

Darker bottom pool finishes in navy and blacks provide a dramatic look that is particularly on trend. Darker colours help you feel more relaxed as the pool looks deeper and can also be more easily warmed by the sun.

Image credit: Houzz



2 . Pool Landscaping 

Create a tropical oasis by planting and landscaping around your pool. By adding big pots with ornamental grasses, birds of paradise and overhanging palms you can create a natural looking lagoon
landscape. Plants should be carefully chosen as they need to withstand intense sun and higher humidity.


Image Credit: Pinterest


3 . Sun shelves or built-in ledges

The perfect addition sun shelves are a flat shallow area in the pool that are built to accommodate your sun lounger so you can relax and keep cool on a hot summers day. They are also a great addition for young children to play.

Image credit: Houzz


4 . Infinity Pools

One design trend that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere for 2018 is the infinity edge pool. Perfect for gardens that overlook the ocean or harbour, they blur the lines between where the pool ends and the natural surrounding landscape.

Image credit: Pillinger


4 . Pool Automation

Smart home technology now includes total pool automation. Control the temperature, lighting, audio and cleaning remotely with a touch of the button from your smartphone.  Maintaining a pool has never been so easy.