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Brad Pillinger

By UY Admin

Brad began selling high-end luxury property in 1995. The son of Sydney’s real estate doyen Ron Pillinger, he inherited his father’s focus, determination and the expert art of negotiation. A Trinity Grammar School scholar and graduate from UNSW, his career started with a bang after he sold the Heinze Estate, “Fintry”, Bellevue Hill. Every year since, without exception, Brad’s name has appeared among Australia’s top ten property sales by price.

Brad has a relentless focus on achieving the very best price for each individual vendor, regardless of property size and price point. He has the ability to make even the most complicated transactions smooth and seamless. Numerous sales of the same property at ever increasing prices such as “Villa Igiea” Vaucluse, “Caerleon” Bellevue Hill, “Coolongatta” Vaucluse, and Point Piper residences – 16 Longworth Avenue, 48 Wunulla Road, and 29a Wentworth Street are testament to his strong skillset, experience and enduring vendor relationships.



Undisclosed, Bellevue Hill over $75,000,000.00

“Ganeden” Vaucluse $62,750,000.00

Undisclosed, Bellevue Hill $61,500,000.00

“Portofino” Point Piper $60,660,000.00

“Villa Igiea” Vaucluse $52,000,000.00 (Brad sold 3 times)

“Routala” 64 Wunulla Road Point Piper $51,000,000.00

19 Bayview Hill Road Rose Bay $Undisclosed

Undisclosed Point Piper $45,000,000.00

44 Wolseley Road Point Piper $40,000,000.00

2 Fisher Avenue Vaucluse $36,500,000.00

2a Castra Place, Double Bay $35,000,000.00



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