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Home technology is smarter than ever! Here are some of the latest trends

By Pillinger

Technology is a force to be reckoned with. We watch movies where the gadgets seem out of this world, only to find out 5 months later that someone, somewhere has invented it. Imagine a touchscreen splashback to view the recipe as you cook, a floor that can clean the air in your home and a vegetable garden that grows itself. We have looked at the newest home technologies and here are our top picks to make your home work smarter, not harder.

  1. A splashback that interacts
    This interactive splashback is a touch screen TV, web browser, photo viewer, security system and music player. Just imagine, you can choose the backdrop of your kitchen depending on your mood and cook with your favourite chef on Youtube. It doesn’t just bring the wow factor to your kitchen, it delivers it, stamps its arrival and sends an announcement email to all your friends.
  1. Flooring that cleans the air you breathe
    When we think about polluted air, most of us would probably think of big cities and motorways. However, our home can also be heavily contaminated by toxins used in building materials, furniture and common household products. This is where Lauzon’s Pure Genius flooring comes in in.  Their exclusive advanced technology is integrated into the hardwood floor finish and actually purifies the air within your home by up to 85%.
  1. The ultimate spa bath
    If you’re anything like us and like nothing more than to unwind, soak in warm bubbly bliss, then this is definitely for you. This bath by Kohler uses VibrAcoustic technology within hidden speakers to emit soundwaves that envelop you and massage your body. The surface can also be temperature controlled to give that extra therapy to your muscles.
  1. A self-growing vegetable garden
    Do you love the idea of growing your own food but lack the time or the green fingers? We may just have found the solution for you. The revolutionary Smart Garden is a self-growing garden with built-in sensors that make sure your plants get exactly the right amount of water, oxygen and nutrients to thrive, without having to lift a finger.
  1. A fridge that purifies itself
    This fridge/freezer has the industry’s most advanced food preservation features with a built-in air-purifier that rids your fridge of mould and bacteria every 20 minutes keeping your food fresher, for longer.
  1. The home security system you all need
    The Netatmo Welcome Home Camera uses facial recognition technology to identify your guests and let you know if a stranger is approaching your house. Not only does it do that, it also sends you names to your iPhone so you’ll never be surprised again!
  1. Prevent bored dog disasters
    If you’ve ever come back to a house full of chewed up toilet paper or lost your shoes to an unattended puppy, you’re going to love this one. CleverPet hub is a never ending puzzle for your pet to solve – it’s reward? Food. The hub can be controlled from your Smart Phone so you can continue to engage and stretch your canine’s cerebrum as the day goes on.

Unfortunately, not all of these are currently available in Australia, but hopefully will be soon.