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Luxury outdoor living spaces that inspire summer entertaining

By Pillinger

There’s nothing quite like sitting in your beautifully designed and put together outdoor living space, at any time of year. And if you’re someone who relishes in the atmosphere of entertaining friends, a well thought out space is a must-have in any dwelling – whether it’s a coastal home or country property.

So, how do you create the perfect outdoor space for summer entertaining?

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Make it flow

The inside and outside should feel like a perfect continuation. It should feel part of the house, so make sure you match it with the architectural style of your home. Use open plan ideals by creating a seamless space that flows naturally from the inside to the out. Things like bi-fold doors, glass, or a covered porch or patio can all help to create a seamless flow from the house to the outdoor space.

Echo design elements from the inside out

Whatever your preferred style is – Hamptons, Bohemian, Tuscan Villa –  it should be the same throughout your inside and outside living area. Do this by using the same style of furniture, and then bring elements of the inside out by using some of the same cushions, or light fittings to complement.

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Create designated areas

Create subtle zones throughout the space – a place for eating, a place for relaxing, a place that has space for any activities or games, or just a cocktail-style stand up grassed area next to the pool. Then, you can always encourage your guests to be in particular area, depending on the size and type of get together.

Set the space up for entertaining

Having a wood-fired pizza oven, BBQ, outdoor kitchen, and fridges outside will ensure, as host, you won’t have to leave your guests to check on caterers or prepare any food. It’s best to put this undercover where you can, and have it close to the dining area – making sure the area is well ventilated of course, you don’t want to smoke out your guests.

Make it inviting

Comfort should be the aim throughout the whole space. From chaise lounges to oversize sofas, you want to create areas that invite your guests to relax and soak in the ambience of your beautiful outdoor space.

Set it up for seasonal entertaining

If you’re someone who thrives on entertaining, you don’t want to let the weather put you off, so heating and cooling is important. Install fans and fire pits so that your guests will be comfortable, no matter what the temperature. And provide blankets and throws so people can use them if they catch a chill.

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Think about shade

In the summer months, the sun can get quite intense. That’s why it’s important to offer pockets or areas of shade throughout the space. Whether that’s a porch leading into a pergola or a separate shaded seating area away from the house. You can shade with a built structure or greenery, or a little of both.

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This is a key element for both yourself and your guests. You want a space that no-one can intrude into, unless invited. Create natural walls using trellises and plants to form privacy screens whilst keeping the overall look soft. Bamboo is a great natural screening plant as it grows tall and – if you plant enough – thick.