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Stand-out ways to cellar your wine

By Pillinger

22 AUGUST 2021

When you have an impressive wine collection, you’ll need an impressive place to store it. And we’re seeing an increasing – and striking – trend which keeps it out of the more traditional underground cellar.

A cellar must meet five basic environmental functions for it to be good, all of which would traditionally need to be created with underground storage. These are:

A consistently low temperature of 12-14 degrees celsius

An ideal high humidity of between 55-75%

Fresh air flowing through

Minimal vibration; and

Heat and UV-free lighting


Now, through the use of modern technology and carefully crafted custom-built displays, we are able to bring our wines out of the basement and put them on display for all to see.

So, whether you would like to feature your wine in the dining room, create a wine-display in the staircase, or build a spiral cellar beneath your kitchen, we look at some stand-out ways to store – and display – your wine.


In plain sight

One of our favourite trends is the ‘wine wall’. This showcases your collection behind glass wherever you would like in the house. It’s a feature you can easily integrate into the design of any room, creating a great way to showcase your fine wine collection.  Companies like Caesar Wine Cellars and Vine and Vault can work with you to create custom concept and design packages based on your ideas.


Photo @macphees.wine

Optimise your use of space

We are a huge fan of clever storage and so it makes perfect sense to use this concept for wine. Lately we’ve seen an increase in the use of under-utilised spaces to store wine in spare cupboards, under the stairs or in other, unexpected places. Companies like Macphee’s can work with, your Architect, or your Interior designer to develop and deliver a customer wine cellar that will make your heart sing.

photo @vineandvault


Lighting is everything

UV filters and switchable glass (changing from clear to opaque at the press of a button) are the perfect features for a modern wine storage solution. This allows wines to be on display whilst also protecting them from harmful UV light – plus it creates a stunning ‘reveal’ effect that’s sure to impress when you’re entertaining. LED lighting is something that we see a lot of as it’s a wine-friendly lighting solution. This is because it emits hardly any heat whilst also being a great energy-saving option.


Photo @macphees.wine