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How the latest technology is helping buy and sell property?

By Pillinger

How the latest technology is helping buy and sell property?

Digital technology is reshaping the real estate industry. Online marketing now has a huge impact on how properties are being bought and sold. Here are some ways you can market your property for sale to reach a wider audience.

Virtual inspections have become the norm amongst agents, with potential buyers being able to view drone footage and video-walkthroughs on the go on their smartphones. Video can easily be shared across social media generating further engagement. If you’re selling your home, video is a great addition to your marketing campaign and will help reach more property buyers.

Increased Online Advertising Options
Online advertising is a must in today’s real estate market. Ask your agent to explain the various listing tier options available on the big real estate portals like domain.com.au and realestate.com.au who reach 3.3 million1 and 5.5million2 property seekers respectively each month*. There are now more options that cater for all budgets.

Domain Check-in
This one is for property buyers. Domain have just introduced Domain Check-in on their app which enables the buyer to plan their property inspections for the day and automatically check-in to avoid having to queue and provide details at every property. A really great tool if for buyers visiting a number of properties in one day.

Live Auctions
Some agents are broadcasting their property auctions live on social media for anyone to see. They are a helpful tool for those that are unable to attend auctions, for those that want to get a better idea of how an auction works and those wanting to see what interested properties have fetched at auction.

Augmented Reality
Ideal for off-the-plan developments, real estate agents are using virtual reality to enable buyers to experience how newly built apartments will look. It allows them to virtually walk through the apartment. The technology can be accessed on tablets and smartphones with the use of a virtual reality headset.

Digital Signboards
These have been on the market for a while, but their prices have started to come down making them more accessible for home owners. These digital screens sit outside your property like a normal signboard, but can include video content, photo galleries and floorplans to give passers by more information on your property.

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