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Watsons Bay Suburb Profile

By Pillinger

Watson’s Bay has, over the last couple of decades, been seen by a portion of the mainstream market, as a suburb that is too distant from the city. In recent times, water taxis, improved ferry services and private jetty pickups have increased the suburb’s accessibility.

The top four sales in the last 10 years involved only two families (the Vidor and Blank families). 2 Pacific Street was sold by Alan Vidor (Toga / Medina) in 2009 for $16.4M. One year previously Vidor purchased two adjacent properties, 20 & 22 Pacific Street, for $24.9M from Peter Gell, who had owned the property for his entire life, and Mark Schwarzer, Australia’s most famous international Soccer player. Vidor went on to build one of the two best properties in Watsons Bay, enjoying large waterfront land, jetty, modern design & Harbour Bridge views. Vidor claims they will live there forever.

4 Pacific Street was sold by Vaughan Blank in 2008 for $22.5M so he was free to buy 23 Victoria Street for $28.1M (The Grace family’s deceased estate). On this landholding, he built one of the most significant homes in Sydney. Alan Vidor was in fact the under bidder on this sale. When he missed out he pursued the 20 & 22 Pacific Street site where he resides today.


The top 4 Suburb sales are as follows:

23 Victoria Street, Watsons Bay
Sale Price $28,100,000

4 Pacific Street, Watsons Bay
Sale Price $22,500,000

2 Pacific Street, Watsons Bay
Sale Price $16,450,000

25 Victoria Street, Watsons Bay
Sale Price $16,000,000